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War Pong HD

War Pong HD is a game written in C++, available for Windows PCs.
War Pong is a recreation of the classic game, Pong, but now you can fight with more than just the ball. Make your opponent's paddle smaller, to make it hard for them, or make their's bigger, to prove that you can still win.
The source should compile on Mac/Linux, however I don't have the resources/time respectively to do it myself.

War Pong

War Pong is the older version that gave birth to War Pong HD. Written for Windows in Blitz Basic, it is the precursor to War Pong HD, and includes most of its features (and a couple of extras left out of War Pong HD). An interesting look at War Pong history, or if your system doesn't have the resources available to play War Pong HD.

2 July 2008: Fixed a couple of minor problems (typos, incorrect labels, etc.) on website. What, you thought that a new website would be completely trouble free?
1 July 2008: Updated the website (significantly). All the old news would have been too hard to bring over, but I don't think it really matters since it hasn't been updated in ages.
The blog isn't hosted here (not that it's updated much), you'll find it at http://warpong.sourceforge.net/blog/.